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Welcome to Picture Perfect Lawn and Landscape in Waco, Texas, a full service lawn care company with the knowledge and resources to care for your landscape design, installation, care, and maintenance. We are licensed and insured for your protection.

In Texas it can be difficult to create, develop and maintain a lawn without the assistance of a capable lawn care service provider who has the expertise and proficient skill in outdoor landscaping and maintenance of lawns.

At Picture Perfect Lawn and Landscape our clients rely on us for all aspects of lawn maintenance and landscaping, like mowing, edging, and Weed control in driveways and yards. Many also count on us to install, repair, and maintain their sprinkler system and irrigation.

Maintenance of lawns often involves a lot of hard work. It is necessary to plant shrubs, trees, and grasses in the beginning and look after them by watering regularly. Most plants need to be watered every day. Our services will help you and provide complete guidance and solutions for basic problem like these.

At Picture Perfect Lawn and Landscape you will come to know about the basics of lawn care and landscaping in Waco. We will provide exact knowledge on how to make landscaping more beautiful and worry free. Details like right time for mowing, edging, seasonal color flower bed maintenance, fertilizing and irrigation are all considered by our team.

Moreover, at Picture Perfect Lawn and Landscape we also design, install, and repair sprinkler systems in Texas. Our experts offer information about how to install or repair your whole sprinkler system. Some more irrigational services like custom design, system redo & modification, tree bubblers, rain & freeze sensors, French drain, and downspout tie-in are also offered.

At Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape, we explain how to take care of your sprinkler in different seasons, especially in winter. Usually, people don’t use sprinklers in the winter season, and this is the time when it becomes most vulnerable to critters and other elements that could damage your sprinkler. We can make you aware of these facts and suggest some simple tips which will increase productivity of your sprinkler and save you money as well.

Irrigation license number: 17982 TDA | Pesticide license number: 00389673.