Pam Tucker:

Picture Perfect landscaped our yard after installing a pool and they did a wonderful job. He was very creative and showed up quickly with sample landscape lighting when we were in a pinch. They also took care of my sprinkler system that had to be redone. I liked being able to just tell him what I was thinking and step back and let him execute it without worry. He also takes care of many of my clients yards while I have them listed and I never have to worry about them not showing up or there being an issues.

Aaron Braunstein:

Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape has been maintaining my lawn and sprinkler system for well over a year. They do a great job keeping my grass in tip top shape. They also monitor, maintain, and adjust my sprinkler system, and keep weeds out of my shrubs. Any special requests that I have are easy to communicate, and always taken care of in a very timely fashion. Picture perfect actually designed and installed the sprinkler system in my back yard along with a flagstone patio. Both projects were done quickly and economically. I appreciate having a reliable service provider that takes care of everything related to my lawn, landscaping, and tree trimming needs. I have complete peace of mind using and highly recommending Picture Perfect.

Lauren English:

BJ and his team are GREAT! When I moved into my home they helped me make my front yard more appealing by creating flower beds and installing sod. Over the last three years I have used them to trim my trees, fertilize and mow my yard. I always call Picture Perfect to help me with my lawn care needs.